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2022 WAFL Colts Coaches Award

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The WAFL Combined Past Players and Officials Association is the proud Sponsor of the WAFL Colts Coaches Award. 

The Colts Coaches Award was instituted in 2004 to recognise consistent performance in the Colts competition. This award provides the Coaches with the opportunity to vote for their best player. Opposing Coaches meet after each game to award votes for the best players in the game on a 5-4-3-2-1 voting system. 

The WAFL Combined Association have been proud sponsors of this Award since 2015.

This year's prize money for the player gaining the most votes is $1,000. The winner also receives a Trophy and Certificate of Merit.

The joint winners of the WAFL Colts Coaches Award for 2021 was Max Chipper from Swan Districts and Caleb Stephens from South Fremantle.

The 2021 Award was jointly won by Max Chipper (Swan Districts) and Caleb Stephens (South Fremantle who both polled 38 votes.

The Award to Max Chipper was presented at the Swan Districts Football Club Swan Medal Awards and Caleb Stephens was presented with his Award at the South Fremantle Football Club Awards night.

Both Colts Coaches Awards were presented on Thursday 14th October 2021. 

Each receipient of the Award was presented with a Trophy, certificate and $500.

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Max Chipper  Caleb Stephens

Past Award Winners page 

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25th June 2022

Swan Districts v Subiaco  
 5 votes - Rory Murison (Subiaco)
 4 votes - Ky Franceschini (Subiaco)
 3 votes - Dylan O'Dea (Subiaco)
 2 votes - Evan Smith (Swan Districts)
 1 vote - James Sullivan (Swan Districts)
 Perth v West Perth
5 votes - Byron Sherwood (West Perth)
 4 votes - Aiden Nelson (West Perth)
  3 votes - Connor McDonald (Perth)
 2 votes - Tyrese Warrell (Perth)
 1 votes - Blake Garraway (West Perth)
East Fremantle v Peel Thunder   
 5 votes - Reece Torrent (Peel Thunder)
 4 votes - Tristan Bryce (Peel Thunder)
 3 votes - Chadd Dunscombe (East Fremantle)
 2 votes - Elijah Burrows (East Fremantle)
 1 vote - Scott Tuia (Peel Thunder)
East Perth v Claremont
5 votes - Darcy Craven (East Perth)
4 votes - Josh Harris (East Perth)
3 votes - Jordyn Baker (East Perth)
2 votes - Jac Coltman (Claremont)
1 votes - Alexio Yiannakis (East Perth)
19 Votes - Darcy Jones (Swan Districts)
18 Votes - Roan O'Heir (South Fremantle)
17 Votes - Jordyn Baker (East Perth)
16 Votes - Kane Bevan (West Perth), Mitchell Barron (Claremont)
14 votes - Koltyn Tholstrup (Subiaco), Angus Laurisson (Swan Districts), Jayke Scott (East Fremantle)
13 Votes - Rory Murison (Subiaco)
12 Votes - Christian Wilson (South Fremantle), Joel Rush (Peel Thunder), Luke Yeo (East Fremantle), Jed Hagen (East Fremantle), Luca Gangemi (East Fremantle), Aiden Nelson (West Perth)
11 Votes - Seth Connor (South Fremantle), Darcy Craven (East Perth)
10 Votes - Corey Tregenza-Cashwell (Peel Thunder), Dylan O'Dea (Subiaco), Jack Demarte (West Perth), Fletcher Netherway (Claremont)
Complete Leader Board after Round 10 
VOTES BY CLUB - Round 10
80 votes - West Perth
 75 votes - East Perth
74 votes - Subiaco
73 votes - East Fremantle
71 votes - Peel Thunder
64 votes - Claremont
62 votes - South Fremantle
52 votes - Swan Districts
49 votes - Perth
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